Happiness is an attitude!

IMG_3395There is that moment at the end of which activity that you are involved in when you asked yourself: What have I learned in this project? The answer to the question is sometimes not a single sentence, nor a single word, but lots of ideas that just pop up into our heads. This is also the case for me. 

For 10 days, at the end of which activity, each game, each intercultural activity, I always asked myself if there is something new that I have learned there. At first, it was only one word, but analyzing all the project at once, I find myself discovering lots of new things because of the project. However, it is important to mention here that the word “new” does not always mean something that I have never knew before, but something that has new perspectives.

I made a list with all these things and I hope that each of us learned at least some of them

1. I learned that speaking in public is not something that you should be afraid of.

2. I discovered that each culture has its new ideas and perspectives about life in general.

3. I found out that it is sometimes hard to make people understand what you want to say, especially in a multicultural environment.

4. I learned that when you want to write your CV you must create something new that points to YOUR brand.

5. Branding is something that is formed by the differences between how your qualities combine.

6. It is not very easy to just be yourself, because we are influenced by lots of outside ideas. However, we must BE OURSELVES.

7. Finding a job is not such a great deal if you know who you really are.

8. Non-verbal communication helps you a lot in face-to-face interviews and therefore you should imitate the interviewers gesture in order to make him trust you and feel comfortable around you.

9. Branding is also about discovering your weakness and trying to present them in a positive perspective.

10. Spanish people are not necessarily lazy.

11. Spanish people are happy persons who have a joyful perspective regarding life and know that optimism can help you in achieving your goals.

12. Discovering new characteristics about different cultures is a long-term process that never ends.

13. Having a successful professional life does not necessary mean that you are happy. On the contrary, having a balance between your personal and professional life makes a person happy.

14. Happiness is not something that you have to achieve, but something that you live. (Spanish people know how to live happily and I really congratulate you for that)

15. By participating at European projects, you can discover plenty of new things about yourself and the world around you. That’s why I congratulate all the 24 participants that attended the project!

Madalina Hodorog


Day 10: The last day of the project

The day started in the morning  when some people went to sleep after the office party. Afterwards, as usual, everybody woke up and we friendly began our first activity of the day which was cleaning the room and the surroundings where the party took place the day before.

Afterwards, Carmen was kind enough to supervise the ninja game during which all of us finally woke up.

The day continued with the presentation of the Youth in Action programme, after which some of us came up with new ideas for future Youth in Action projects, the most popular was „Personal Branding 2”.

After the lunch, we went to the Someșul Cald artificial lake. During the trip we witnessed something that only happens in movies: we saw a police car chasing a thief.

Afterwards we all had to say goodbye to Teo and Andrei, as they were living to Bucharest and Cluj-Napoca.

At the lake we had the opportunity to listen to Romanian manele music, sadly both Romanian and Spanish people did not like how it sounds. With all this, we tried to dance, smiling and with this music in the background.

Emil, Sergi, Edu and me crossed the lake swimming several times while the others were playing on the shore of the lake. On the way back, Edu and Sergi made some new friends among the locals, who had much knowledge of the FC Barcelona football team.

The end of the day which is 11:59 caught us on the way to Cluj-Napoca singing Canta y no llores, but this is the subject of another day, which will be presented in another article.

Daniel Cornea

Personal Branding poems

During one of the activities of the project, we managed to create several poems that remembered us all the beautiful moments that we spent at Somesul Rece.


Group 1

There is a ninja singing “Canta y no llores”

In the meantime others are smoking and snoring

Networking is happening while movie is rolling

Snickers, cheese and mici were rolling in the deep

It all comes from a Personal Brindis with agua de Valencia


Group 2

In the forest of Cluj

The birds are singing

Some people are smoking

And Edu alone in his room and snoring

Meanwhile, in Cluj, we toasted some cheese

For the rest of the night, networking and personal brindis was it

If you go in the woods and a bear catches you

Canta y no llores and ninjas will protect you

When Edu stoped snoring he went for snickers

Came down for a movie but not end of story

We  drank agua de Valencia and ate some mici

And now we are waiting to go t the beach


Group 3 – The Personal Branding’s song

I had a job, pm pam

And it was fan, pam pam

But I was stupis, pam pam

And I got fired, pam pam

Now, I drink beer, pam pam

Under the son, pam pam

I went clujing, pam pam

To find my cupid, pam pam

Tripped over a stick, pam pam

And Sergi found me, pam pam

And taught me coadring, pam pam

In personal branding, pam pam


Group 4

Marc woke up and took a beer

Albert felt down to the strair – pawn pawn

Andrei let his job

Redi got son burned

Daniel was fun

The soup was clujing

Cupid was stupid

And was throwing sticks

But then they discovered their Personal Branding

And with some coaching

It become a perfect day


 Madalina Hodorog

Ideas for the future

stock-footage-leaf-text-animates-on-to-form-the-word-future-blue-sky-with-clouds-and-green-grass-in-thePersonal Branding 4EUth Employment helped us not only in creating an idea about the main theme, but it also generated new ideas about future projects.

In the following section, I am going to present new projects that my team managed to generate during one of the activity  of the project. Depending on the level of inspiration, some people created detailed projects, while others presented the main theme.

1.Personal Branding 2

Where: Barcelona

When: August 2014 (10 days)

What: Personal Branding in Enterpreneurship vs. Employment

Target Audience: 24 people from Italy, Spain, Romania, France, Portugal

Activities: Energizers by Carmen , Visit studies at some entrepreneurs, Culture in Barcelona (places to visit), trainings about Personal Branding hold by someone famous from Barcelona, Employee vs. Entrepreneur

Objective: Learn 30 people how to find the path that suits them by learning how to start a business or how to get the perfect job.

Skills: Leadership, Languages, Team work, Initiative

2. How to thrive at your job- consists of tips and tricks on how to succeed in your workplace.

3. Introduction to programming– an intensive, 2 weeks course.

4. Stop corruption in universities

5. Teaching/Learning basic PC skills

Learning Office suit, using the Internet, basic media manipulation (Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere, Cool Edit)

Target Audience: Children from poor areas with good grades but no access to computers and Internet.

6. Learning aspects regarding your personality in relation with the media

Learning non-verbal communication skills, understanding how to make an impact on other people, understanding the influence of media on your personality, how to identify manipulation of the media.

Madalina Hodorog

Clujing Personal Brindis

Saturday, 3rd of August 2013. 40 degrees. Time to execute the plan. Time to show the world our new best selves. Time to feel the pressure of being the center of the attention. Time to show off our branding.

17:00 PM. We decided to wear the best clothes we had so we could look at our best. Afterwards we headed to the Botanical Garden in Cluj-Napoca. It was rather hot under our suits. We had to fight to keep our cool and our cluj. We developed Cluj as a brand. Now we relate the word cluj to everything cool and awesome.


After the clujing walk in the garden and creating some memories with our cameras we went to the campus. There we discovered new kinds of flavors like watermelon beer. Awesome. Watermelon mixes with beer like a tornado of pleasure.




20:30 PM. On the way to the restaurant some people bought gifts for their beloved relatives. Isn’t that great? Personal branding is also how you care about people. We had delicious traditional food in a restaurant with lots of cluj. The time passed away faster than Albert descending through the mountain. We had to hurry up and finish all the food left because limousines where waiting for us at the door. Yes, two clujing limos came for the rescue. We thought we deserved some VIP experience in order to step out from our comfort zone.



22:30 PM. Here we are inside that two amazing white pearls. One hour of pure friendship and rockstar’s feelings that we will never forget. We realized there was something missing that could improve our time so we managed to get one bottle of Jagermeister. Inside the limos we had a bottle of Champaign. We sang, screamed, took pictures and enjoyed the warmness of the group. Our mood was flowing and our friendship got stronger.

23:30 PM. Our bodies requested some dancing and some more beers. Limos dropped us if front of Janis’s door. We came out one by one. People around couldn’t believe what they were seeing. All that clujing people catwalking in da club. We owned the club. We would like to explain more about how we did it but what happened in da club stays in da club. No more questions. Now it’s your moment. Make it happen. Be authentic. Develop your branding so one day you will be one of us. You will be free.



Marc Herrera & Sergi Valls


Day 8: We Are the Champions. All of Us

IMG_4005A week has passed and we have all survived the tough challenges we had to face since the beginning of the project. After an unforgettable night we had the chance to rest more than usually, starting the day with the lunch. Over the meal we all shared our memories, at least the ones we could remember.

Then the treasure hunt started. Our dear coordinators prepared a full course for us which got us all excited. Divided in two teams we started to look for the promised fortune. First we had to decipher a number code which took us to Andreea. There we had to offer her a personal branding statue as a gift in order to get the next clues. After a short game of mime Andreea told us to just follow the arrows which brought us to the second test. Victor prepared a list of questions for us. We had to think hard about all we learned this past week in order to convince Victor to give us the next clue and we all did it with flying colors. Getting closer to the treasure we got more and more excited. After besting both Emil’s and Carmen’s trials we got back to our yard and got ready for the last confrontation. Armed with water balloons the two teams had a “friendly” fight with each other and each team obtained the right to receive its treasure. And the treasure was found. It consisted of helpful quotes that should help us in our journey through life.





“If you want to be known for everything, you’ll be known for nothing.”

“The self-image is the key to the human personality and human behavior. Change the self image and you change the personality and the behavior.”

“Often the difference between a successful man and a failure is not one’s better abilities or ideas, but the courage that one has to bet on his ideas, to take a calculated risk, and to act.”

These are some of the advice we got from our treasure. In the end we realized that we are all winners in our own way. The treasure hunt proved us the moral of the movie we watched a few days ago.

The balloon fight was not enough  to satisfy our desire to fight. So we started all over, this time with a much larger arsenal. With balloons, bottles, buckets and the hose we got all the t-shirts wet. But that didn’t use up all our energy. We wanted to play another game. Calin’s game remembered us that we should always be polite no matter what situation we face.








Now we await the promised feast that Silviu, together with everyone is preparing. We need to fuel our bodies to hold up to the intensive learning. Finally, after seven days we are feeling great, acquired new knowledge and are full of energy. What ever comes next, we are ready to go on and on and on…

This wonderful article is brought to you by Kinga Campan and Teodor Calina