Personal Branding Babylon

We live in a world where everything from the coca cola bottle to the politicians dressing style is marked by branding. We are being aggressively ¬†attacked ¬†by ads of all kinds, trying to have effect on us. Nowadays there are philosopher who argue that even the religion is a kind of branding. Religion is an advertisement campaign for a product that does not exist, they say. Everybody has it’s own agenda. And the problem is… sometimes we do not really speak the same language.

What could be the outcome of mixing Southern European cultures and giving them a meeting point focused on personal branding then? Meeting youngsters with The Personal Branding Project, based in the European Youth capital of Cluj-Napoca is this Babylon where the colorful mix of cultures takes place. That’s right, amongst the Catholic and Orthodox churches of this Central European city a real babylon tower is being build. And this time with the aim to last as long as there is Europe. The reason – no matter how many mistakes they make, people will always reach for the skies. People from different cultural, religious, political and social background gathered together to discuss how the problem of youth unemployment in Southern Europe could be solved. The economy of this region has been struggling for years. Now the time has come for young Europeans to take the situation in their hands.


This is what basically happened at the beginning of October 2015 in the European Youth Capital. Against all odds the group of 20 young people aged 18 – 32 from Spain, Italy, Croatia, Romania, Bulgaria, Cyprus and Poland managed with all the task given to them from the trainers. Though, emotional and full of U-turns the first day of the exchange showed that this colourful Babylonian crowd managed to overcome the differences between each other and not only. What was more important than the mistakes which were made and which always follow hard work was the experience everyone got from the activities. And to be honest… the international party is the best thing about Babylon. Where there is a colorful crowd, there is always a great fun and a lot of new friendships and relationships to be made. That’s what Europe needs now! The aim: learn to brand yourself and show out the best of you, in order to get better job opportunities.

Integrity changes everything. The connections between people transform the economy. This is what happened with the emergence of Social Media. This is exactly what is happening with the European Youth Exchanges programs. Anyway, exchange programs are the infrastructure of this new global village. Social medias are only the means of transport that leads to connectivity. Therefore, better rebrand yourself now. Share, retweet and stay tuned for an even more united and diverse Europe!

By Svetlin Ivanov, Bulagria

Participant of Personal Branding TC, 2015