2014 Special edition

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Personal Branding for my International Experience

Know yourself, Brand yourself!


From 3 to 9 November 2014 (including travel days)


In Romania, Cluj-Napoca county, the heart of Transilvania.

This youth-exchange meets the need of many young people in Europe for developing their employability skills. It aims to empower young people to create their personal brand, in order to improve their job profile and increase their chances to access the job market.

1. Guiding 36 participants from Latvia, Italy and Spain in using the knowledge and skills acquired during their international mobility to maximize their chance of finding employment.
2. Developing the ability to identify, disseminate and use the skills acquired during their mobility at a potential workplace.
3. Encouraging participants to promote the idea of international mobility in their home countries by sharing the outcomes it had on their personal and professional development.
4. Helping youth to create a personal brand for them by self-identification with their mobility experience.
5. Creating a brochure to promote mobility and its impact on future careers by disseminating the experience gained by the youngster.

We expect 36 participants from 4 countries (Romania, Latvia, Italy and Spain), 8 from each country + 1 group leader for each country. The gender balance in the project will be taken into consideration in the sense that each country will have 8 participants, out of which 4 will be man and 4 females. Group leaders have no age limit but is important to have previous experience in youth-exchanges or non-formal education.

Participant´s profile:
– young people aged 20 – 30
– involved in an at least one international mobility project during their lifetime (Youth Exchanges, European Voluntary Service, Erasmus mobility or other)
– are unemployed and looking for a job
– basic level of English
-resident of Latvia, Italy, Romania or Spain

Important! As each country will have 8 participants, 2 of them should face geographical (rural areas) or cultural obstacles, 1 should be an ethnic minority.
This is the 3rd edition of the PB project. The 1st one took place in Romania, Cluj-Napoca, in 2013 while the 2nd one was held in Spain, Barcelona in 2014.

You can check the previous editions here:
Blog: http://branding4euth.wordpress.com/ and
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PersonalBranding4EUthEmployment?ref=ts&fref=ts
Project activities will be built on various non-formal and intercultural learning methodologies, such as workshops, games, simulations, presentations, role-plays, open space.
There will be informal learning spaces, such as parties and visits around the city as well.
Program will offer participants the opportunity to develop key competences, including cultural expression, intercultural, civic, language, digital and employability skills.
The 6 days final program will depend on the contributions of each partner organisation and the needs and expectations of participants themselves.

Partnership conditions are:
Participants and partner organizations are responsible to make the purchase of their travel tickets to Cluj-Napoca airport for the exchange dates.
During the exchange, after presentation of the original invoices and travel documents, our organization will pay 170€ per person to participants from Italy and Latvia and 270€ per person to participants from Spain and 20€ per person to participants from Romania. The difference between above mentioned amount and total travel costs (if any) shall be covered by the participants or by promoter organizations, as a project co-financing.
Thanks to the support of the Erasmus + Program of the European Commission, full accommodation and food will be provided free of charge to the participants, as well as related materials, or local transport.

How to apply?
Complete the APPLICATION FORM ONLINE with your personal and travel details!

After receiving the final result of the selection, we will confirm you by email that you can make the purchase of the plane tickets.
For any additional information you may need or for any comment or suggestion, please contact us by email, at office@coaching4eu.eu

This project is promoted by:
Societatea Studenteasca de Stiinte Politice, Cluj-Napoca, Romania
Associazione di Promozione Sociale Joint,Milano, Italy
ADEFIS , Madrid, Spain, http://www.adefis.org
Esi labs, Latvia, http://www.esilabs.lv
Program partner:

Coaching 4 EU, Romania, http://coaching4eu.eu
Special partner: Fundació Catalunya Voluntaria, Spain http://www.catalunyavoluntaria.cat/

This project is financed by the Erasmus + program of the European Commission



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