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Personal Branding 4EUth Employment is a  initiative to overcome youth unemployment in EU  promoted by Association Coaching 4 EU (Romania), Fundación Catalunya Voluntaria (Spain) and United Society of Balkans (Greece).


This idea appeared in the context of high youth unemployment rates in Europe (where 1 in 5 people under 25 cannot find a job), in accordance with the priorities of the European Commission and Europe 2020 strategy.

 The project is designed  for unemployed young people who are looking for a job.

Personal Branding 4EUth Employment was financed by the European Commission, as a youth exchange by Youth in Action program in 2013 in Romania and by Erasmus+ programme in 2014 and 2015 in Spain and  Romania.







1. Cluj-Napoca, Romania 2013

Personal Branding 4EUth employment

dd - Copy

Place: Cluj-Napoca, Somesul Rece

Dates:29 July- 7 August

Number of participants: 24 (2 group leaders)

Countries: Spain & Romania

Promoter: Organizatia Studentilor din Universiattea Babes Bolyai (OSUBB), Romania

Partners: Fundación Catalunya Voluntaria (FCV), Cataloniasigla cat


2. Barcelona, Spain 2014

Personal Branding 4EUth employment3

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Place: Barcelona, Vilnova i la Geltrú

Dates:31 July to 7 August

Number of participants: 22 ( 3 group leaders)

Countries: Greece, Spain, Romania

Promoter:Fundación Catalunya Voluntaria (FCV), Catalonia, cat

Partners: Coaching 4 EU, Romania,

United Society of Balcans (USB), Greece



3. Romania, Cluj-Napoca, 2014- Special edition

Personal Branding for my international experience

fa - CopyPlace: Cluj-Napoca city

Dates: 3 to 9 November 2014

Number of participants: 36 (4 group leades)

Countries: Latvia, Italy, Spain, Romania

Promoter: Political Sciences student´s Society SSSP

sssp logo

Partners: Coaching 4 EU(Romania), Esi Labs (Latvia), Joint Association (Italy), Adefis (Spain), Fundación Catalunya Voluntaria ( Catalonia).


4.  Barcelona, Spain 2015

Personal Branding 4 EUth entrepreneurship


Organized and hosted by:Fundación Catalunya Voluntaria ( Catalonia)
 sigla cat



5. Cluj-Napoca, Romania, 2015

Personal Branding 4 EUth employment- Training course




Organized and hosted by: Coaching 4EU


These projects were financed by the Erasmus+ Program of the European Commission.


These projects form part of:

Personal Branding Global project

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