On this page you can find some useful resources that can help you in your personal branding process: workbooks, videos, models, tools and web sites you can access. Is up to you how useful you make them for you.

START to put in practice!

1. Personal Branding Pyramid

pb py

A short model about how to build you Personal Branding in 6 steps.

Click for the entire model! 

This model has been developed during the Personal Branding 4EUth employment project’s series by:



2. What is Personal Branding? 


3. Personal Branding WORKBOOKClick to see it!






4. Video examples

How to start working on your Personal Branding.

5.  Europass CV

Interested in making your Europass CV? if you want to work in Europe you need to have it.

Click here to find some examples and start completing your own Europass (online or offline).

For any kind of support don’t hesitate to send us an e-mail to Our team is open to guide you!

 6. Creative CV

Interested to impress with your creativity?

Check here  for some creative CV examples.  By the way, do you know Matt? He has an impressive online CV.

 7. Employability skills

employability skills

What are they? Click here  to find out and start working on developing them!





8. Oportunities

TIC TAC Youth opportunities brochure to get more closer to European Opportunities and Events.

From free career tools to know yourself better to web pages with international projects, Erasmus+ opportunities, jobs, scholarships, conferences and volunteering.







TIC TAC Youth Opportunities









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