Training Course (TC)

Welcome to the Personal Branding TC !

Happy to host you in Cluj-Napoca, European Youth Capital in 2015!


“A brand is a promise of value”

Personal branding (PB) is not for everyone, is just for the ones that want to leave a mark behind. Because a Personal Brand is useless if it doesn’t offer something to other.  Is not a matter of money but of attitude.

We invite you to discover and learn more together …

When? From 6 to 13 October 2015

Where? in Romania, Heart of Transylvania, Cluj-Napoca

Who? 20 great people from  Romania, Spain, Croatia, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Greece, Italy, Poland.

How?  by taking part in the “Personal Branding 4EUth employment” , a project that inspired  people to continue  the project idea in the last 3 years- 2013, 2014, 2015.



This project has his own brand and his own personality.

As it has demonstrated before, this time more than never the aim of the projects is to empower active youth workers  in order to develop  programs for youth employment in their home organizations.


Of course, the project has also some specific OBJECTIVES :

O1- To understand the employability needs of young people in most affected countries

O2-To improve the skills for reflection, presentation and promotion of 20 youth-workers in order to prepare them to work with unemployed youth.

O3- Improve, share and practice Personal Branding Pyramid as an working model and tool in improving chances of young people on the labor market.

O4- To find new solutions for youth unemployment and promote EU cooperation for  Cluj-Napoca European Youth Capital 2015.

O5- To empower 20 youth-workers, facilitators or social workers to develop new programs for working with unemployed youth.

O6- To develop an active network for supporting youth workers in implementing the methods of the training in their home organizations in the next 6 months.

In order to apply you can complete this application form:


One of the strenghts of this project is his partnership with valuable and powerful partners and his long history, this one being the 5th edition in 2 years. 

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The TC makes part of Personal Branding Global project, a long term strategy of creating a network of NGOs that work with powerful programs for youth employment in the next years.

Participant’s profile

-Youth-workers, facilitators, social workers, mentors etc.

-Motivated to make a change about unemployment situation of young people in EU.

-Experienced in volunteering and non-formal education;

-Open minded, Positive and Inspiring!


Let’s grow Brands together!


The activities of the project are built on non-formal education, training and coaching. 


The final program will depend on the contributions of each partner organisation and the needs and expectations of participants.



  • Self-knowledge tools
  • PB Pyramid framework
  • PB as a tool for fighting unemployment
  • Miths and reality
  • Self- presentation tools
  • Values and dreams

Preparation before TC

  1. Get in touch in the facebook group with the group of participants:
  2. Present your country’s Brand: As you know it’s very important to be prepared for the cultural brands ( a space for sharing your culture).  It’s all about your creativity, so think how what would you like to share from your country’s Brand in order to make people curious. You can bring some FOOD or DRINKS that are traditional in your country. Keep it  simple and meaningful!!
  3. Sharing is caring. Please think about an activity that you would like to prepare it for the others. You can propose a short workshop about one topic of the project  in the open space section and be facilitator.
  4. To get informed about what are the needs of unemployed youth in your country and  main challenges young people are facing in order to access to the job market .


We are waiting for you in Cluj-Napoca-the European Youth Capital in 2015!


You can check here the programe of the Capital:

Also you can check the touristic page of Cluj-Napoca.

Accommodation and food


You will be hosted in a nice and confortable accommodation in the Centre of the city,  next to the training room and a nice traditional restaurant where we will have some special romanians meals for the dinner.

The accommodation will be made in rooms of 2 and 3 people. You can check the hotel page here:

Travel Reimbursements and Fees

Thanks to the support of the Erasmus + Program of the European Commission, full accommodation and food will be provided free of charge to the participants, as well as related materials, or local transport.

For the TRAVEL according with the agreement with the project promoters and the Erasmus+ programme rules, we can discount your costs as it follows:

Origin Country Destination Distance Number of participants Euros/participant
Spania-Barcelona Romania-Cluj Napoca 500-1999 km 3 275
Grecia-Thessaloniki Romania-Cluj Napoca 500-1999 km 2 275
Italia-Milano Romania-Cluj Napoca 500-1999 km 2 275
Bulgaria-Sofia Romania-Cluj Napoca 100-499 km 2 180
Romania-Cluj Napoca Romania-Cluj Napoca 0 5 0
Croatia-Zagreb Romania-Cluj Napoca 500-1999 km 2 275
Cipru-Xylotymbou Romania-Cluj Napoca 500-1999 km 2 275


According to Erasmus+ rules of the Romanian National Agency, all the reimbursments will be made in the accunt of your SENDING ORGANIZATION. They will give the money back to you.

Usually it takes between 1 and 2 months to receive the money back, according to how fast we get your travel documents.

Don’t forget!

Your travel expenses will be reimbursed only upon presentation of documentation of the sum actually paid: BOARDING PASS + the BILL, a payment slip, or any documentation indicating you paid for it.

Very important! Please keep with you all receipts, train/bus tickets for travelling!!!


  • Make sure that the dates, name of traveler, destination, and sum in your travel documents are clear enough for our accounting (it must be readable and understandable, and in English if possible)
  • The organizers cannot cover any expenses related to extended stays before or after the project in Romania. We cannot reimburse taxi cab expenses.
  • If you want to stay longer in Romania please confirm with the organizers in advance. Some days before or after the project can be accepted as part of the project expenses for getting your money back for the plane ticket.

For any question your suggestion doesn’t hesitate to contact us by e-mail:, or by phone directly in touch with the team of the project 0040 0753 906 179

Keep an open mind and open heart and see you in Cluj-Napoca!

Local Partners

Centrul de cariera12042990_1125353537492222_3781053548192761227_n

Core partners:

sigla-cat          usb

This project was financed by Erasmus+ programme of the European Comission.



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