September 2014

News of the Personal Branding 4EUth employment youth exchnge on the web site of the Spanish National Agency.

injuve- PB



I. Personal Branding 4EUth employment3, Spain, 2014 –  RESULTS

The project has as objective to improve the youth skills that can be relevant for finding a  job.

In the last day of the youth exchange,  participants completed a self-evaluation questionnaire regarding the level of their perceived development of the following key competences: communication, teamworking, creativity, language, intercultural, initiative, self-presentation, self-awareness.


comp developThis  graphic represents the levels of  develpment of key competences, on a scale from 1 to 5, where  0- no development and 5- high development. The highest rating can be observed for communication skills, teamworking, intercultual and language skills.


 July 2014

II. Youth Unemployment situation in Spain

The unemployment situation is one of the great problems of the economic crisis, and the most affected are young people, which is why the unemployment rate for those under 25 years in Spain is 57%. According to one of the latest studies in Spain, the main problem of youth unemployment is the lack of demand.

According to the report by the McKinsey’s study 73% of students surveyed believe they have not received enough training on how to find a job (through the development of curriculum, or information about employment prospects and wages). According to this study, inform students about job prospects and salaries reduced by up to 4% unemployment in the first six months after graduation, while support in curriculum development can reduce the unemployment rate up to 15 %.

spain unem

The McKinsey study has identified four weaknesses of the Spanish education system, that if these were corrected, would make the prospects of a young Spanish employability less dependent on the economic cycle, these are:

  1. Small and medium enterprises do not have sufficient resources to hire inexperienced employees.

  2. Lack of professional practices by schools, contributing to the lack of professional experience.

  3. Vocational training is seen as inferior to the university.

  4. The biggest problem is that the study centers have not yet adopted their programs in the post-crisis, actually a clear example of this is that since 2005 have declined persons employed in construction by 62%, while the number graduates in architecture and civil engineering has increased.

Finally, it is standing up that during the summer months the youth unemployment rate is reduced by up to 7.62%, according to data provided by the Encuesta de Población Activa (EPA). This reduction in the number of unemployed depends largely tourism is part of the engine of the Spanish economy.

Spanish group of participants



Venues of the project:

Image   Fundació Catalunya Voluntària

2014- Catalonia, Barcelona


2013- Romania, Transilvania


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