Sea, Sand and Personal Branding

How to build a Personal Brand in a funny way !

Activity: International Film Festival Personal Branding

Project: Personal Branding 4 EUth Employment 3, Youth Exchange, 31 stJuly-6th August 2014, Vilanova i la Geltrú (Barcelona)

Made by beautiful people


If you like the BEAUTY in your life just keep everything beautiful around you, from flowers to people, from words to feelings, from thoughts to actions, from moments to memories. This is what beautiful people really means…
Beautiful people keep being beautiful!

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Let’s get it started!

The beginning of this project was not a brutal one, but one where every participant was able to find his own rhythm in both the national team and the whole team.

he first 3 days were more about getting to know each other, but also, to get yourself better, using different approaches.

To explain this, the first day was addressed to cultural awareness, day during which we all tried to remember each other’s names.

IMG_1148  The ending of the day was one on everyone’s taste, mostly because of the countries presentations: the Romanians their country using images, dance and palinka, the Greeks cooked and taught the others how to say “Cheers!” and the Spanish prepared food specific to the  area we stayed for the project.

In the second day, we all discovered what Personal Branding actually means and we all found ways to promote ourselves, despite the stereotypes related to each country and to the job market. The main idea was that Personal Branding is defined by what you stand for and by your every day actions. Knowing yourself better is thefirst step in building your personal brand.



In the 3rd day we all “took a train trip” to find out how the ideal job will look like. It’s hard to say what your ideal job is when you have a lot of ideas and plans, but after this day we could figured out how we can start working on our dreams and how to plan our future projects.

IMG_2313 IMG_2093IMG_2091





 The reward was a trip in the center of the city where we all enjoyed Fiesta Mejor in Vilanova. But for a more accurate image, we will let the pictures talk for us…



Flavia & Ruxi (Romania)


DSC_2166DSC_0015 DSC_2118  DSC_2246  DSC_2126

Discovering Barcelona…

The 4th day was the day we were all expected: THE TRIP TO BARCELONA!!!!

We were very excited from the beginning as we enjoyed the beautiful trip by train. When we arrived, started walking and do some sightseeing and Lluc was our guide. After the morning sightseeing, we went to a very nice restaurant where delicious plates were waiting us to taste them. Then, we had free time and we separated. Guillem was our guide now and he was very helpful and we are very grateful for this. We visited many beautiful places like Sangrada Familia.

DSC_0384In general, all of the places and sights were amazing, the weather was perfect and we walked many hours to see as many thing as we can. We got to know the Spanish culture, we talked with Spanish people who are polite and helpful. To conclude with, it saw a unique experience that combined beautiful places and faces, sunny weather and funny moments.

We will definitely visit it again!!



Litsa&Panos (Greece)

Going for the interview…Fireworks !

The 5th day had come and we couldn’t believe how fast the days had passed…We woke up to the metal sound that George put on full volume, and went to take our breakfast.

IMG_1393        After a quick energizer it was time for session: Since the last day of the exchange was coming, we did an overview to remember and resume all that we had learned during these days. After that, we did a session about interviews: Learned useful tricks about how to be our best-selves during this important procedure.

The best part was the interview simIMG_1385ulation, when we started the role playing  and got interviewed by our friends.

After dinner it was time to visit the city of Vilanova. Parade in the Ramblas and  Human Castles were simply amazing. At the end of the day, we all together went  to see the fireworks at the city center. It was a unique experience. Maybe the  best fireworks that we’ve seen in our lives.

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After the fireworks we went to a  concert and had an amazing time.  We were singing and dancing all  night till it got too late and we  decided to go home. The crazy ones  went to sleep at the beach and the  rest at the comfort of their beds.

 One more day closer to the end.  Soon it would all be a memory  which will bring us a sweet  melancholy and remind us that we  should always try to live in the  present and catch the moment  before it’s gone.


Photo (Alexandra Pop)                                                                                                                                                                                                             Penny& Alex