One soul. One brand

posterBest Personal Branding Video in the Youth Exchange held in Spain, 2014

Activity: International Film Festival Personal Branding.

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My first job

Now that summer is over, I can take a look in retrospect and remember what it made it to be the best summer of my life, so far. I will present them in a chronological order, mostly because I can’t decide which aspect I like more.
First thing that made it this way is the fact I at the beginning of summer I started my first internship in an advertising agency as a graphic designer in Cluj-Napoca. A lot of work to do, a lot of campaigns, but the results did not cease to appear: we were a great team together.
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Second thing, I got to stay over the summer in the city I love, Cluj-Napoca. This way I discovered the beauty of summer in a city without every day students.
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Third thing, I started a weekly session of brainstorming with a friend of mine for a small entrepreneur project (which I have to say now is getting more clear).
Forth aspect, I was selected to participate in the Youth Exchange Personal Branding 4EUTh employment that was held near Barcelona. I discovered a lot of beautiful people, whom now I consider friends. Also I discovered a lot of new things about myself and my plan for who I want to be is clearer now.

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Fifth element for this awesome summer was meeting a friend of mine from Cologne, Germany. Up until now we just communicated over the internet, but we realized that we are better friends than we thought.

Final thing, after finishing my internship, the advertising agency decided to hire me, and this way is resulting my first job. So, I have more responsibilities that fill my schedule and makes me more energetic. Hooraaay!
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All of these aspects that I presented briefly made me realize I am on the right track, and surprisingly, I enjoy who I am and what I do.
But what exactly did I gain from the experiences I had this summer?
Well, the first thing will be confidence. All the people I met in the Personal Branding 4EUTh employment project , even from the Romanian team (because most of us never met each other)  made me be more synchronized with my thoughts. This made it easier for me to turn them into actions, actions that will impact somehow positive all around me, no matter the situation.
Another aspect will be becoming more flexible and having better actions in situations I am not familiar with.

Also, always being the best self in every situation, even if you believe you don’t have enough information. This really helped me to set a trust relationship with my coworkers and my boss and they are aware now they can count on me to do my best, despite the challenge.
I will end this “bragging-about-the-best-summer-of-my-life” summary with a little advice: never underestimate what you can do! I really think this is my philosophy from now on, and with this in mind, your attitude can change for the best.

Before this summer I never knew I can get through 7 days with just 22 hours of sleep cumulated and also being the most energetic person in one international group (it was voted so), I never knew I can beatbox, and more importantly, I never knew I had so many friends I haven’t met.

Flavia Stoia


Catalans are Crazy…

Spending time in Catalonia was feeling real like home, Greece.

Everything seemed familiar to me in everyday life, the people, the shops, the culture. You could feel the Mediterranean vibe all across the country. However, you could easily spot the slight differences between our cultures and the huge differences that makes you feel that you are in a magical place. Villanova il Geltu Festival was the total evidence about that.
You could see people dancing/fighting with sticks (Ball de Bastons), three huge status-couples, the protectors of the city in different eras, parading in the city center and fireworks everywhere, from the devils parade in the streets to the huge sky-fireworks at night. But the most amazing of them all was the Castellers.

I was having a walk in the city and Pol proposed to go and see the Castellers, because they were amazing. In the begging I didn’t believe him so but I thought that it would be nice if I saw them. I haven’t been so wrong in my life…
I was just next to them. I could see the human tower being formed. First floor. OK something easy. Second one. Nah, easy stuff. Third, OK things are getting serious. Fourth, what is going on? How are they doing it? Fifth, … . Sixth, Catalans are CRAZY!!!
After that I was speechless. The only phrase that was coming out of my mouth was: Catalans are crazy!
I really loved Catalonia and its crazy people. I wish that one day I could live there…

Giorgos Melissos